Many people have misconception about mindfulness if you want to know the real meaning of mindfulness then you are in right place .

Mindfulness is now a days trending on the surface related with meditation now let’s directly jump into it’s meaning.

Meaning of mindfulness is to use your brain in advanced mode and make your mind as fast and active as possible with positive energy this is the short form of mindfulness now the question is how the heck you will be mindful but the secret is to witness the process and thoughts going on in your mind . You don’t need to concentrate on anything just simply be aware of your existence feel your feet , hair , hands , breath each and everything enthusiastically and then at last witness your own thoughts by practicing this secret you will notice results in just 34 days so start trying today for 20 to 30 minutes daily

Have a good day 🙃



Fundamentals of yoga

yoga is the science that can cure most of the human diseases and can make the life better.

The basis of the yoga is posture , respiration system , blood flow and Kundalini . The first thing to do for beginner is to make their posture good and comfortable .

Mental health is the main target of yoga so if you have any mental illness then you should start yoga today now talking about spiritual side then it is deeply connected to the respiratory system as our life is connected to our body by one thing that is our breath .

Focusing on the respiration system will directly connect you with the conscious power of yourself thus respiration is the fundamental part of yoga .

Have a good day 😘